Frequently asked questions

Who is this website for?
This is the website for members and those wishing to be members of ECSC C.I.O., a local club/charity operating the new sports pavilion and community centre on Edlesborough Green

Who can be a member of the club?
Qualification for membership can be viewed here.. Membership Criteria
Whilst the club is principally for community and sports use by the parishioners of Edlesborough, we recognise that it may be attractive to those living nearby in Eaton Bray. Planning consent for the pavilion was given on the basis that the majority of users (other than those with disabilities) will be able to walk to the pavilion, and it was with this understanding the planners allowed us to have a smaller car park than might otherwise be required. The membership committee will keep this restriction in mind when offering membership to those outside the Parish of Edlesborough who are not otherwise qualified, such as by being members of sports clubs, donors etc. For further clarification please contact ::Send Email

Is there a membership fee??
Permanent residents of Edlesborough Parish are entitled to have their membership fee waived. An annual fee is charged for some other classes of membership, see here.. Membership Criteria

Why do I have to register before applying for membership?
We need to check that you will accept emails from us, that we can ask you for a small amount of personal data under current data protection regulations, and that you are not just another computer. So, like most websites these days, for security we use a two-step process.

We share an email address - can we both register?
Data protection regulations require we ensure that any communication regarding personal data must be secure and only viewed by the individual to whom it relates. If you share an email address we do not know which of you is picking up the mail. Also, writing security protocols for your data sent over the internet is a job for experts. So, like many other websites, we use a recognised centralized identity provider, in our case Microsoft Azure. For a number of good reasons, their system uses your email address as a unique identifier. You are asked to verify it when you register. The system will not allow the same email address to be registered twice. If you both want to apply for membership there are two solutions you could consider. Many companies let you register free email accounts which you could use for our registration. Otherwise one of you will have to wait until we have manual registration when the pavilion is open.

What should I do if I have tried to register but not received the confirming email you say you sent?
First, after a few minutes look in your spam box. If the email still hasn't appeared we can fix things for you. Just contact :Send Email

What do I need to do after registering to apply for membership?
Open the website again and login with the username and password you created when registering. Then fill in and submit the membership application form with as much detail as you can.

I have registered but I have not heard from the membership secretary?
Please make sure you have applied for membership as above once you have registered. If you still have a concern contact :Send Email

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