Donate or pay fees

You can use the CAFDonate link on this page to give a donation to the charity or pay fees
Please note we cannot claim gift aid on gym or club fees


For a more visible tribute to your generosity why not Buy a Brick ?

You can have your name or perhaps the name of a relative, friend, someone dear to you engraved on a brick which will be prominently displayed as part of one of the internal walls of the pavilion as a lasting testimony to your generosity to the Village.

We have also taken the opportunity to allow the Parish to acknowledge larger donors and corporate sponsors on separate parts of the wall

Engraving bricks costs money so we have had to set a minimum donation of £50

Request a form to reserve your brick (there will obviously be a finite number in the walls) by e-mailing: ::Send Email
You can pay in all the usual ways and :-
We can receive benefit from gift aid only if you are making a donation
Please make payments through our charity bank by clicking here:
-Caf Donate
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